Interested in growing Carinata?

The world is looking for sustainable sources of renewable fuel, and Carinata is it.

Why Carinata?

Carinata is NOT canola; it is more drought resistant, heat tolerant, frost tolerant, and can stand up to excess moisture. Carinata is an oilseed crop grown to produce a renewable, sustainable source of oil which can be refined into diesel and jet fuel, and a high protein meal for animal feed. Demand for biofuels and high protein feed is steady and rising, and it’s a great time to start growing:

The market for Carinata seed oil is stable and growing.

Carinata has all the benefits of a cover crop. The high density biomass and root structure rejuvenates the soil and prevents erosion.

Carinata fits seamlessly into existing agricultural systems, and yields consistent results with low inputs.

Backed by Agrisoma, our supply chain partners, and a decade of agronomic and genetic research. Carinata is a crop you can trust.

Global Opportunity for Local Production

  • Since 2012 when the first 6,000 acres of commercial Carinata varieties were planted, the U.S. has been the dominant region for Carinata production.
  • The U.S. has the biggest demand for biofuel and animal protein in the world, and as such will continue to be the most important area for not only production, but end markets as well.
  • There are currently two commercial production regions within the United States: the Southeast (GA, FL, AL, MS) and the Northern Plains (SD, ND, MT, NE).
  • Carinata fits into each of these regions in distinctive ways; check out the Grow Carinata link above and select your region to learn more.


Agriculture is the original clean tech. Farmers have been prioritizing sustainable methods of production longer than the rest of the world knew what that meant.

Renewable energy and protein for animal feed can be produced for a rapidly growing market, representing a winning equation for farmers and their families.

Farmers are the backbone of any economy; they are also the world's best chance for a cleaner future. That is why we are proud to provide crop that works hard for their land.